Meet the Tweatles!

@beatlestopeople  “Imagine all the users, tweeting #tweatles words!”


Everybody’s following them!


Today, it was possible. This friday #tweatles were the trendig topic for those who love the Beatles. Let’s keep on doin’ a good job like this, people.

See the list bellow to check out the beste #tweatles I’ve seen today:

@beatlestopeople I’ll follow @thesun

@cartoonie12: They tweet its your Birthday, well it’s my birthday too yeah!

@skunkhair: I once tweeted a girl, or should I say, she tweeted me.

@starbex: I will follow @you and bring you back where you belong. ‘cause I couldn’t really stand it, I admit that I was wrong …

@MargaretDodge: Blackbird (tweeting in the dead of night)

@UppercaseDowner “We all tweet in a yellow submarine”@marikitis Twitterbird fly twitterbird fly, into the light of the dark black night.

@CapergirlHolly you don’t realize how much i tweet you

 @beatlestopeople Im just sitting here watching the tweets go round and round 

@sullivan1982 “boy you’ve been a naughty girl, you let twitters down”  

@pedro_o What would you think if i tweet out of tune, would you stand up and unfollow me?

@Pedro_o  We’re bigger than twitter!

@emikun  “Oh! Darling, please retweet me!”

@kaelalala “Dear Prudence, tweet the brand new day”

@beatlestopeople I don’t want to read your tweets so I’ll block

 @emikun Got to get #tweatles to trend!

@emikun “She’s got a twitter to wriiiite.”

@clariceakil “She’s got a twitter to write!”

@igorgoiaba When I hold you in my arms / And I feel my finger on your tweeter

@simonwilliam “A taste of honey! Tweeter, much tweeter, than wine.

@dmperry Will you need me, will you still tweet me, when I’m 64?

 @Laveggy “The world is Tweeting me bad, Misery!”

@clariceakil “C’mon and tweet a little closer

@Wilkopops Tell Me What You Tweet

@beatlestopeople If you don’t tweet her right my friend, you’ll gonna find her gone!

@Wilkopops “While My Guitar Gently Tweets”

@beatlestopeople No Reply, no reply!

@beatlestopeople Day Twitter, nice!

@dalethequietone Listen, do you want a know a secret, do you promise not to Tweet…

@FCalleja Father Mckenzie tweeting the words of a sermon that no one will follow

@igorgoiaba Eight Days a Tweet

@TRWhiplash I look at my tag, and I notice it’s trending, while my guitar gently tweets

@shaun_hurst Got to Get You Into My 140 Character Limit

@beatlestopeople “Crying, Waiting, Tweeting”

@DarthPman17You say you want a revolution. Well and you know. We all want to tweet the world.”

 @beatlestopeople I’ve got twiters on my fingers!

@Pedro_o My tweet lord uhmmmm my lord

@Lacrymosa Happiness is a Retweet (type, type. post. post.)

@agentfrankie “You tweet Goodbye, while I tweet Hello. Hello, Hello

@Gabrmachado RT: I Love You.

 @igorgoiaba The best things in life are tweets

@igorgoiaba Well she had just seven tweets #tweatles

@cam_williams Tweet the word and you’ll be free, Tweet the word and be like me.

@godlovesninjas @tweatles “Twitting in an English garden, waiting for the sun”

@beatlestopeople I don’t believe in the #tweatles.

@TheBeatlesRB “Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain, where rockinghorse people tweet marshmallow pies.”

@jeffctaylor Retweet me, oh yeah, like I tweet you!



E para fechar, lembrem-se… (the last one)

@TheBeatlesRB“… One tweet dream … came true, today. (came true, today).”


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  1. Antonio PureEvil Edison



    Ao menos @igorgoiaba, o mito maior, esteve presente.

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